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“It’s a damn football game; it’s not a big deal. People are treating it like it’s a civil-rights movement and someone is being denied access to freedom. It’s no freaking big deal that Nebraska is playing in that [BCS] national championship game. Everybody should just shut up.”
Jason Whitlock, WHB 810

GH: This from a guy who has spent the past seven years pleading the case of one Jeff George.

“It’s the biggest crime in America that guys like me get paid a lot of money to write about something that doesn’t matter. I’m laughing my way through life.”
Whitlock, on being a sports columnist, 810

GH: I’m not sure it’s the “biggest crime in America,” but Whitlock is definitely guilty of something when you consider the quality of his work for the paper since he became a radio star.

“Maybe Nebraska fans also will listen and learn. When you go to the big city and the Rose Bowl, act like you’ve been there before. Don’t spit tobacco on the marble floor at the Beverly Hills Hotel. While shopping on Rodeo Drive, don’t say, ‘Do you have anything in flannel? I can get a dress with a lot more material back in Omaha at the feed store.’ When a woman approaches your car at the corner of Sunset and Vine and asks if you’re ‘looking for a little action,’ don’t reply, ‘Yeah, where’s the closest bowling alley?’ Remember that every entree is served with sprouts, so don’t say, ‘Them looks like weeds,’ and don’t order sushi ‘well done’ or get it on your overalls.”
Woody Paige, columnist, Denver Post

According to Bankrate.com, compared with someone making $30,000 a year:

1. A $275,000 house would seem to Tiger Woods to cost $130.74.

2. A $40,000 SUV would seem to Alex Rodriguez to cost $47.62.

3. A $40 dinner would seem to Kevin Garnett to cost 7 cents.

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