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“I’m kind of gradually drifting away [from the Royals] for numerous reasons. My life has changed.”

— George Brett, whose three children and two businesses are taking more of his time these days, KMBC Channel 9

GH: Not only are the Royals unable to retain their current on-field talent, but now they’re also losing the guys who have long retired!

“Priceless Moment: Trent Green trying in vain to stop his wife, Julie, from writhing on the hood of a Mercedes that was on display.”
Sports Illustrated

GH: Mrs. Chiefs QB humping the hood of a Mercedes at a Super Bowl party? I’ll have what she’s drinking.

“Just when, baby?”
Rick Reilly, after Al Davis’ Raiders lost to the Bucs in the Bowl, Sports Illustrated

“Three [MLB] league officials independently said they had heard a recorded phone message in which [MLB] umpire Bruce Froemming calls umpiring administrator Cathy Davis a ‘stupid Jew bitch.’ Froemming was upset after being chided by baseball officials for booking his own transportation to Japan and not letting the major league office handle it as he was instructed to do.”
USA Today, reporting that Froemming was suspended for ten days without pay and removed as one of the umpires for the trip to Japan

GH: This nazi gets ten days off, and Pete Rose gets banned from baseball?

“Considering the poor economic climate and the slumping finances of many of its teams, neither [the NBA nor the NHL] appears likely to expand anywhere — much less Jacksonville — anytime soon. A spokesman for the NHL also said that league has no current interest in expansion. That would make sense, considering a recent report said fewer than five NHL teams turned a profit last season and several more could soon join Ottawa and Buffalo in bankruptcy.”
Bart Hubbuch, staff writer, as Jacksonville is in the process of building a $130 million, 15,000-seat basketball arena, Florida Times

“It’s not just Jacksonville when you’re talking about expansion, I certainly have no plans to go anywhere. We want to strengthen what we already have.”
David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, Florida Times

GH: A new downtown arena for Kansas City sounds wonderful, but don’t expect the NBA or the NHL to come calling just because we build it. That only works for Kevin Costner.

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