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“Sometime in the next two to six weeks, the regime of Al Bohl as the [University of Kansas’] athletic director is expected to end.”
Bob Fescoe, who broke this story and said his source was a KU booster, KMBZ 980

GH:Fescoe said he was “100 percent” certain Bohl would soon be fired. Read on.

“I spoke with Al Bohl this afternoon….”
Fescoe, 980

GH: The problem with this interview was that apparently Fescoe spoke to Bohl without putting a microphone in his face. Despite breaking this story, 980 never interviewed Bohl on the record the day Fescoe had the story. Instead, the folks at 980 let Kevin Kietzman kick their rear ends by interviewing Bohl live on his WHB 810 show opposite 980 in afternoon drive time. KMBZ hasn’t looked this bad since The Star scooped them on Tony Muser’s firing.

“Noel and Ellen will look to the future with Al Bohl at Kansas, ahead on the news.”
Bob Davis, 980 sports director, handing the hottest story of the week to news anchors Noel Heckerson and Ellen Schenk, 980

GH: If Davis discussed this story the day after the story broke, I missed it — and I specifically tuned in to Davis’ morning sports reports to hear what Davis thought of the rumor Fescoe had reported. Davis has webbed feet that are chained to KU and Bohl; it sounded to me as if he sacrificed his listeners’ need to know what he knows in order to be true to his school — and to his KU paycheck.

“I really don’t run into much of what you describe.”
Al Bohl, after Kietzman informed the KU athletic director that many people think he is less than professional and would welcome his departure, 810

GH: Bohl is either clueless or an incredibly persistent liar.

“Roy [Williams] and I have gotten along extremely well.”
Bohl, 810

GH: OK, I’ve made my decision. Mark me down as one who believes Bohl is clueless and has a lot in common with Pinocchio.

“I think the biggest supporter of Al Bohl’s has got to be Ricky Clemons.”
Caller, as the media’s focus shifted from the MU point guard’s problems to Bohl’s job status, 810

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