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“It’s going to be interesting to see what happens, see who steps up. We’ve got some guys in the starting rotation who have some incredible arms.”
— Jason Grimsley, Royals relief pitcher, KMBC Channel 9

GH: Channel 9’s Karen Kornacki and her camera operator conducted first-week interviews with the Royals in Arizona. Read on.

“I’ve been very impressed with the first four days of spring training. We have probably some of the best arms in baseball with any organization.”
— John Cumberland, Royals pitching coach, Channel 9

GH: All a coach can ask of a franchise is to give him talented players to mold. If the Royals have “some of the best arms in baseball with any organization,” Tony Peña’s club should compete for the AL Central division crown this year.

“There’s only so long that you can be a prospect. There’s going to be a time when you’re going to have to, you know, be a player.”
— Grimsley, Channel 9

GH: This Grimsley quote should be the Royals’ slogan this year — “Players, not prospects.” David Glass shouldn’t have to pay $40 million dollars for prospects.

“Right now we’re too young as a team to know what it’s like to lose. I want to win.”
— Jeremy Affeldt, Royals starting pitcher, Channel 9

GH: Maybe youth and ignorance are bliss. I always have this strange feeling at this time of year that the Royals have a chance. Some people probably just call it hay fever.

“I was shocked that we lost 100 games last year.”
— David Glass, WDAF Channel 4

“I think the Royals are in big trouble — oh, my God, huge! They’re going to lose another 100 games.”
— Frank Boal, WHB 810

“You won’t find a person in the NFL who believes Denny Green is a better [head coaching] candidate than Steve Mariucci.”
— Kevin Kietzman, 810

GH: This is sports-talk radio journalism in a nutshell (or is it nutcase?) — totally unsubstantiated comments blurted out as fact. Unless KK has interviewed every person in the NFL regarding Green and Mariucci, he’s simply saying words that mean nothing.

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