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“I have goals for the future, but I’m not really attached to them. It’s one of the interesting things I’ve learned over the last year. It’s called detaching yourself from the outcome of things. It doesn’t mean don’t set goals. It means just don’t be so attached to them.”
Tony Gonzalez, ESPN

GH: Is this some kind of new California cult’s teachings? You set goals, but you’re not really attached to them? I guess this explains Carl Peterson’s five-year plan.

“It got pretty ugly at times last year [with fans calling to talk with Trent Green]. We’re going to have him on every Monday this year at five o’clock. We’re going to take some e-mail questions for him, but the phones simply aren’t going to work. We have a limited amount of time with him, and the phone simply isn’t going to work with him.”
Kevin Kietzman, WHB 810

GH: Green appears to have skin as thin as the Chiefs’ linebacker corps. Green gets paid millions to play football because Joe Sixpack gives a damn that he can still play a kid’s game. You’d think he’d have the tummy to at least field phone calls from a few Monday-morning quarterbacks. Kietzman should demand that he take calls or sack his thin-skinned ass.

“Penn State University professor Charles Yesalis, the coeditor of the book Performance-Enhancing Substances in Sport and Exercise, said geneticists around the world now believe that there could be genetically altered athletes as soon as the 2004 Summer Games.”
Frank Fitzpatrick, staff writer, Philadelphia Inquirer

GH: Yesalis has already produced genetically enhanced mice that grow twice the muscle mass of untreated mice. These mice never need to exercise, and they don’t lose their superior strength or their muscle tone as they age. Gold’s Gym is about to be replaced by a test tube.

“Taje Allen, Nate Hobgood-Chittick and Willy Jones are all going to make this [Chiefs] team, and I don’t get it. They call them the Pet Shop Boys. They are Dick Vermeil’s pets. What made it all come together for Dick Vermeil in St. Louis was the Rams organization telling him no on some personnel things. The key ingredient for the Chiefs, if they are going to go to a Super Bowl, is for Carl Peterson to say no to his buddy.”
Soren Petro, 810

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