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“For the first time, [Trent Green] got some public criticism from his coach [after the loss to New England]. I wonder if that didn’t have some effect on his performance [Sunday].”
Bob Gretz, after Green passed for five touchdowns against Miami, Chiefs Radio Network

GH: Green had not responded positively to coddling. Let’s hope Dick Vermeil doesn’t forget where he put his whip.

“Half of the league could get busted for the same thing — having a joint in your car.”
Jason Whitlock, after marijuana was found in Randy Moss’ vehicle, WHB 810

GH: If Whitlock has evidence that half of the NFL is smoking rope, I believe he has the topic for his next ESPN.com column. If not, we can file that sentence with his promise to run the marathon next month.

“Most of the KU fans who talk to me about NASCAR have been very degrading about it. But the Missouri fans are all excited about it. Maybe I’m stereotyping here.”
Larry Moffitt, KYYS 99.7

“Literally, somebody stole the money. Somebody in the [Entercom] office, no less. It really upset us. The money’s all gone.”
Don Fortune, after more than $100 that Fortune, Soren Petro, Nate Bukaty and Al Fitzmorris had put into a pot for charity was stolen, KMBZ 980

GH: There are few things more unsettling at work than discovering one of our coworkers is a thief. Let’s hope 980 investigates and reports on this story as ardently as they do other crimes.

“We share offices here [at Union Broadcasting] with a sports-talk station. Tim Grunhard, the former center for the Chiefs, is now one of the talk-show hosts on the other station. Tim Grunhard is walking down the hall the other day, and we’ve got a female sales associate that is coming out of a room. Tim thinks nothing of just farting as loudly as he can. In fact, he was having a conversation with me, and he doesn’t even pause for a comma. The sales associate, Jen, is coming out of the room and not only hears it, but the building vibrates. She goes and punches Tim. Tim says, “Just keep walking; you’re gonna walk right into it.'”
Randy Miller, KCTE 1510

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