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“Priest Holmes is Alex Rodriguez. He may be the most productive player in his sport — but if your team doesn’t win, you don’t get the respect due you. There has been no player more valuable to his team in 2002 than Holmes has been to the Chiefs. But because the Chiefs aren’t Super Bowl-bound, his value is diminished.”

Rich Gosselin, NFL columnist, Dallas Morning News

“KMTV Channel 3 will cancel its 6 p.m. newscast starting in September. Jim McKernan, the station’s vice president and general manager, announced the change Tuesday. The station will replace the newscast with the syndicated television program Entertainment Tonight.”

Omaha World Herald

GH: The fact that this Omaha television station is dumping its 6 p.m. newscast is not really news to those following the shrinking popularity of local television news. Insiders tell me that we can expect newscasts in the KC area to disappear as well.

“Drue Jennings, ex-KCPL executive, will be the next athletic director at K.U.”

Tom Leathers, The Squire

“I don’t put a lot of merit in home runs. You see a lot of guys who hit a lot of home runs who don’t have a lot of RBIs.”
Joe Randa, KCKN 1340

GH: Just what the Royals need — a third baseman who doesn’t put a lot of merit in home runs. If Allard Baird does his job, Randa will be not hitting home runs in some other uniform come opening day.

“It’s kind of girls’ basketball teamish.”
Kurtis Seaboldt, on the Royals’ wearing T-shirts printed with motivational slogans at spring training, KMBZ 980

“Gary Burghoff doesn’t want to seem egotistical in offering advice, but he has had a lot of experience dealing with polite and rude fans. He suggests these tips: Never call actors by their characters’ names. ‘Hi, Gary. But don’t call me Radar.'”
Star Magazine

GH: Radar is in town starring in a play at the New Theatre Restaurant. I love celebrities and athletes who tire of the public’s acknowledgement of what once made them famous. If Burghoff had never been cast as Radar, he’d probably be one of the schleps he detests who grovel at him in the local grocery store.

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