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“If there is anybody out there who still hasn’t been won over by Trent Green after those two runs [Sunday], then quite frankly they’re lacking in mental capabilities.”
Bob Gretz, KCFX 101.1

GH: Green made two game-clinching runs against the Bills, but anyone who overlooks his flaws is lacking objectivity. He doesn’t have the arm strength to throw to his wide receivers, and his mobility in the pocket looks to be deteriorating with each snap. His inability to throw deep and loosen up defenses is going to get Priest Holmes injured. Trade him before he sinks this team with his bad knees, poor arm and crippling salary.

“No one really hangs around Bob [Gretz] too much. I have a couple of words for you called Polo for men. Check it out and spread a little on.”
Brad Porter, sports anchor and reporter, on the apparently odiferous Gretz, Metro Sports

“Eight guys touch you, and nobody takes you down.”
Dave Stewart, describing a run by Priest Holmes

“That’s called teasing.”
Murphy Wells, responding to Stewart’s comment, KQRC 98.9

“Coming to a new team, a new city, new players, it’s tough. The transition is extremely tough, and people don’t realize that.”
Jayice Pearson, making excuses for Johnny Morton’s less-than-salty stats this season, Metro Sports

GH: Coming to a new team in a new city with new teammates sure didn’t bother Priest Holmes. He managed to lead the league in rushing last season, his first with the Chiefs.

“We might not lose again until October, 18, 2003. That’s when we play at Oklahoma. Look at our schedule … Kansas State, Boise State (Humanitarian Bowl), Illinois (at St. Louis), at Ball State, W. Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, at Kansas, Nebraska.”
UNITiger, posting on www.TigerBoard.com after MU’s win at Texas A&M

GH: Love ’em, hate ’em or just plain don’t understand ’em, Mizzou football fans are very entertaining.

“For us, the season ends kind of early. But that’s OK.”

Mark Mangino, after the Jayhawks finished with an 0-8 record in the Big 12, Metro Sports

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