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“MVP … it’s an award that brings a lot of attention. Payday.”
Priest Holmes, Fox

GH: Holmes is having the greatest season of any offensive player in the Chiefs’ forty-year history. As he spoke the word payday, he turned and looked directly into the camera lens. Carl Peterson has frittered away millions on draft-pick busts and free-agent has-beens. Holmes is worth whatever it takes to extend his contract and keep him happy in Kansas City for the next five years.

“The Rams have lost their past two games in KC by a combined score of 103-44. There’s only one way it could have been worse: forfeit.”
Bernie Miklasz, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“People look at the preseason and say, ‘Oh, [Kansas] is ranked too high.’ No. We’re a very good basketball team.”
Ernie Kent, Oregon coach, after Oregon disposed of KU 84-78, The Oregonian

GH: Roy Williams has been the most vocal about how he believes his Jayhawks were overrated in the preseason polls. He said on his radio show that he thought the media may have “set up” his team. I liked it better when Coach Roy embraced a high preseason ranking instead of blaming others for it.

“The expectation level for Nick Collision is perhaps too high…. Will he be an All-American at the end of the year? Probably not.”
Soren Petro, on the Kansas center, KMBZ 980

“There were things that interested [Darren Sproles] about playing at Kansas. There were some situations going on at the time that would have wanted him to be there, but they did not show as great an interest initially as K-State did…. To be honest, Darren did not receive much attention, period.”
Gene Weir, football coach at Olathe North, when asked whether Sproles had dreamed of playing at KU, WHB 810

“A new arena is not going to spark downtown development by itself. If that were so, we’d have a lot more development down around Kemper.”
Ron Labiniski, former head of sports-architecture firm HOK, KCKN 1340

GH: St. Louis has both a downtown arena and a downtown stadium — and it is still one of the ugliest big-city downtowns in America. The Truman Sports Complex has sparked almost no new development in Eastern Jackson County. If we build it, it doesn’t mean they will come.

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