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“It’s been hanging over my head to the point where I haven’t been able to enjoy the off-season.”
Paul Byrd, on the burden of weighing multimillion-dollar contract offers from a handful of MLB teams, The Kansas City Star

GH: What an absolutely awful way to have to spend the four months you have away from your $2 million job — deciding whether to earn $10 million or $15 million playing baseball every five days. I don’t know how poor Byrdie handled the stress.

“The thing that was uppermost in Paul’s mind was that he wanted to win.”
Bo McKinnis, Byrd’s agent, on why the former Royals ace signed with Atlanta rather than staying with Kansas City, KMBZ 980

GH: The Kansas City Royals used to be synonymous with two things: winning and pride. Major League Baseball is in such a financial quandary that it is difficult to imagine that ever being the case again.

“It’s pretty obvious that we’re the Cincinnati Bengals of baseball.”
Caller, WHB 810

“For me to sit here and say we’re going to be a .500 ball club [in 2003], I’d be lying.”
Allard Baird, Royals general manager, 810

“When the lads at WHB chirp about overpaid baseball players, perhaps they need look no further than one of their station’s owners. Brian McRae harvested more than $23 million for his ten-year career, a lot of moola for a .261 career hitter.”
Pete Enich, columnist, The Squire

“[Marc] Boerigter seems to have replaced Dante Hall as KC’s third receiver, which is something that should have happened weeks ago. Boerigter is a better receiver than Hall. And Hall should be concentrating on his duties as a return man.”
Jason Whitlock, following the Rams game two week ago, The Star

GH: Six days later, Hall scored two touchdowns against the Broncos with two spectacular catch-and-run plays in Denver as a wide receiver. Win some, Whitlock some.

Dave Stewart: “Does [Chiefs kicker] Morten Andersen even wear pads?” Johnny Dare: “I heard that once a month he does.”
KQRC 98.9

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