Further proof that texting has become humans’ primary means of communication

​Remember when doing research at the library meant digging through a card catalog? Yeah, uh, me neither. At this point, schools are probably teaching kids how to use Lexis-Nexis in the second grade.

But the University of Missouri – Kansas City is taking their technological savvy to a new level. Last week, UMKC debuted a new “Text A Librarian” service, which allows students and staff to text message queries to reference librarians at the university’s three libraries. Apparently, it’s the first such service in all of Missouri. OMG!

No, I’m not a student, but I figured I’d try it out.

Since I had basketball on my mind from yesterday’s news about our new American Basketball Association team, I decided ask about Kansas City’s previous ABA franchise. So I punched in 66746 and send the following: “UMKC- what was the average attendance for the Kansas City Knights in 2004?”

Within 40 minutes I had an answer: “Average announced attendance: 800-1,000 per game.”

Not exactly instantaneous, but I’m still impressed. But remember, kids: no drunk texting your librarian.    

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