Funk, ‘Hot legs’ Johnson, Hermann and SSB battle over stimulus money and rules of order

Things blew up at the Kansas City City Council meeting yesterday afternoon, when talk  turned to resolution 090436. I swear Deb Hermann was ready to eat Sharon Sanders Brooks’ face at one point.

At issue was economic stimulus money for Destiny Towers, a Northland senior housing project of the Harvest Church. Hermann wanted to amend the resolution and give the funding to Northland Neighbors Inc., a couple of day cares and other organizations. Of course, the issue was laced with racial tension because Harvest Church is an African-American church and no debate can go on in KC without the issue of race coming up.

When Brooks questioned her amendment, Hermann’s face looked a little like this:

Brooks refrained from whipping out any lingerie as she questioned Hermann’s amendment. Hermann explained that the funding for Destiny Towers got dumped not because they didn’t like the projects but because they just didn’t have the cash.

Councilman John Sharp sounded totally reasonable in his objections to the amendment, repeatedly pointing out that the cash would go to projects that would actually get done.

Then the real fun started, when Councilman Russ “Hot Legs” Johnson chimed in against the funding.

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