Fundraiser for four year-old with liver cancer raises $20,000


Owen Cigich. // Photo courtesy of Megan Bennett

Heartwarming news alert!

A fundraiser to help Kathleen Cigich, a principal at Lakewood Elementary, and her husband pay medical bills for their four-year-old son Owen has raised almost $20,000 in just seven days.

Owen, who has suffered from kidney issues since birth, was going to a kidney evaluation last week. Unfortunately, during an ultrasound, a tumor was found on his liver. Now, the family is faced with the difficult task of maintaining what is left of Owen’s kidney function while also treating liver cancer.

Ashlee Shafer, a mom of three, set out to help the family by setting up a fundraiser on Facebook to help pay their medical expenses.

“Kathleen is not only our school principal, she’s also like family to the Lakewood Elementary community,” Shafer says. “She looks out for each and every kid like they are her own and now it’s our turn to help her. Kathleen is also an incredible mom and we want to make sure that her medical bills and expenses are covered so she can focus on getting Owen better.”

If you would like to donate and help them reach their goal, please visit

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