From the Sea

When the wreck of the ill-fated Titanic was discovered in 1986, revived fascination in the luxury liner, which sank in 1912, led to a flurry of TV documentaries, books and an Oscar-winning film. The tragedy surrounding the opulent ship is still a potent lure, which is why Illinois-based Country Financial is underwriting the “mobile museum tour” Titanic: Treasures From the Deep today through Sunday at the Legends at Village West (1843 Village West Parkway in Kansas City, Kansas). It may seem uncouth to display these 50 items recovered from one of history’s most famous shipwrecks — including cuff links and a jeweled tie pin — in a mobile museum described by one spokesperson as “a couple of different semitrailers put together.” But the exhibition is free, so no one seems to mind too much. The exhibit is open today through Saturday from noon to 8 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. No life jackets required.

Thu., July 23; Fri., July 24; Sat., July 25; Sun., July 26, 2009