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Burnt Ends, June 21

Give ‘Em Health

I am a registered nurse at St. Mary’s Medical Center, and I am very offended by your item “Pay for Pain” (Burnt Ends, June 21). Our ER staff are NOT “hapless and overextended.” We are knowledgeable professionals who are committed to providing excellent health care to our patients. The focus of the “30 minute guarantee” is not movie tickets! The focus is the provision of emergency care in as timely a manner as humanly possible.

Why doesn’t your paper write an article providing reasonable suggestions to improve the “broken” nationwide health care system instead of criticizing those organizations that are doing their best to improve the delivery of health care in the KC area? Unless, of course, your priority is merely to undermine the efforts of others. And by the way, St. Mary’s and St. Joseph will be glad to provide you and your family timely, excellent emergency care anytime you are in need. I challenge you to publish my response in your next edition.

Susan DePaoli, MSN, RN, CCRN, Blue Springs

Feature: The Dimwit D.A., June 21

The De-Kline of Western Civilization

I just wanted to write to congratulate Justin Kendall on writing an excellent article on the incompetence of our district attorney. It’s scary how our top prosecutor is handling the worst criminals in Johnson County.

You should have included the phone number to Phill Kline’s office so the residents of Johnson County could tell him our opinion. Hopefully now, justice will be served.

Kyle Broome, Lawrence

Phill in the Blank

I thought you did an excellent job on this story. I hate reading about this dumbass, but we all need to know the truth — even if it’s hard to hear; sometimes especially when it’s hard to hear.

I can’t believe Kline’s spokesman, Brian Burgess, told you that it’s not your job to question what Kline is doing! That’s the job of the people, and you’re doing a good job of it. I hope you continue your success, and I wish there was something we could do to get rid of this moron Phill Kline.

Name withheld by request

Witness for the Prosecution

I cannot thank you enough for the great article on Phill the Pill. I am amazed that more great articles like this have not been written before. He is a shame to Johnson County (not forgetting that he has no shame himself).

I am curious as to what, if any, response you have had from his office or any of his puppets.

Bill Fleming, Merriam

Fetal Position

I’m sure you are happy with Paul Morrison’s performance. After all, it isn’t every day you get someone to switch parties and take a million dollars from a doctor so he can continue to kill illegally. Mr. Kline should be held in the highest regard. I don’t think I could pay him to eliminate you illegally. Eat shit! Bloody liberal bitch!

Matt Johnson, Shawnee

Correction: The Lucille H. Bluford Library was incorrectly identified in the June 21 issue’s Night & Day section (“DJ Dewey Decimal”).

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