Friday, March 31

Those who savored the densely hypnotic riffs and rhythms that characterized Lula Divinia, Shiner’s previous effort, have waited more than three years for the next installment from this beloved band. Thankfully, this weekend will prove the dry interval to be worth the wait, as a CD-themed extravaganza will help promote the band’s April 11 release of Starless, Shiner’s first disc for Owned & Operated Records. The O and O label was founded by drummer Bill Stevenson of The Descendents and All, and considering his résumé, it’s no surprise that he is a fan of Shiner — a band steeped in multifaceted grooves and abrasive arrangements. Starless is a somewhat misleading choice of a name for the album because the new additions to the potent Shiner lineup are former members of bands such as Molly McGuire, Season to Risk, and Gunfighter — all local cornerstones of the “Kansas City sound” that exemplified the ’90s. Joining the boys are Reflector and The Hillary Step, two perfect sonic complements for this KC hallmark.

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