Friday Freebies

And once again, we bring you Friday Freebies, wherein we present things to do this weekend that won’t cost you any more than the gas it takes to get to ’em.

There are so many festivals going on this weekend, I don’t know where to start. Suffice it to say, they’re the big game in the area as we move into fall.

Today and tomorrow is Riverside’s Riverfest at EH Young Riverfront Park, located next to the Argosy Casino on Argosy Parkway. There’s music tonight from the Benders, followed by a fireworks display at 10:30pm. Tomorrow brings such things as a car show, a parade, and more music. A comlete schedule of events is at the website link above.

The city of Blue Springs has its Fall Fun Festival today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Musical entertainment tonight is Dog House Daddies and Levee Town, with Albert Flasher and Outlaw Junkies tomorrow. Sunday afternoon, following a late morning city worship service, there will be a Christian Rock Arena. A complete schedule can be found here with set times, as well as information for the carnival and Dock Dogs (Google it – it’s hilarious).

The last festival of note is Waldo’s Fall Festival, which takes place Saturday from 10am-5pm in the CVS parking lot at 75th and Wornall. There’s lots of music, as well as a clown show (nooooo, thank you). The schedule has set times and further events, including the promise of a “car bash,” which I haven’t seen the likes of in years. You pay X amount of dollars, and get so many hits at a junker. If you show up early, you get the satisfaction of knocking out a window, or taking off a mirror. Later, it’s basically knocking a sledgehammer into a chunk of steel. Not so much fun.

Last — but not least — this weekend is the Audio Reader For Your Ears Only sale. If you’re not down with shelling out the $10 for tonight (which you should, since that gets you first crack at all the good stuff, as well as food from Scarlet Orchid, Biggs BBQ, Maceli’s, Wheatfields, and Rudy’s Pizza — to say nothing of my sterling company), it goes for free tomorrow from 9am-4pm, “with bargains slashed to half price after noon.”

Either way, you’ll be helping out a sterling charity, seeing all sorts of cool folks, and walking away with some truly amazing shit for bargain basement prices. If you’ve got tonight or tomorrow free, make the trip from KC. If you live in Lawrence and don’t attend, you’d best have a good excuse. Scrape up five bucks, go tomorrow, and make a game of what awesomeness you can walk out with.

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