Friday court docket

Busy day in the courts. A jury acquitted Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller on 19 misdemeanor charges that he didn’t get an independent second opinion on some abortions that he performed. How did I know Operation Rescue was going to cry that justice wasn’t served?

A Wyandotte County judge sentenced Brandon Hulett to life in prison (with no parole for 20 years). Hulett pleaded guilty to murdering bartender Lori Reynolds at the Gossip Inn in April 2008. 

Woman slapper Larry “King Pink” Johnson penalized himself for bad touching — and improper drink dispensing — today by pleading guilty to disturbing the peace. King Pink gets a suspended sentence — not even probation.

Finally, Jackson County prosecutors charged 24-year-old Eric G. Burkitt, pictured at right, with forcible rape and two counts of forcible sodomy, two counts of assault and sexual misconduct. Four years ago, we wrote about Burkitt being unable to get his patch with El Forasteros, a motorcycle club, because he broke his leg. Sounds like he has plenty of patches now.

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