Free Yoga

As part of Yoga Day USA — our national celebration of the ancient Indian discipline — yoga, massage and personal-training studio KCFitnessLink opens its doors today for free classes and an open house at the Kansas City, Kansas, space (510 North Sixth Street, 816-256-4443). While Director of Programs Darryl Olive and company often lead classes uncommonly found elsewhere in town (men only, for example, or clothes-off), today’s offerings are pretty standard. The day starts at 9 a.m. with an hourlong Power Yoga class suitable for both beginners and advanced students; newbies can check in for the 11 a.m. basics class instead, exploring the fundamentals of breathing and postures. From 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., the studio hosts a holistic health fair with chair massage, on-site trainers who can answer questions, and a sampling of yoga and Zumba classes. A corresponding career fair offers up details on available certifications from KCFitnessLink pros. To register online, go to

Sat., Jan. 23, 9 a.m., 2010