Free Tut Tut CDs at the Record Bar tonight

For those equivocating as to whether or not they’re willing to brave the icy, cold, and otherwise absolutely terrible weather tonight, Tut Tut has a bit of an incentive for you to come join them at the Record Bar.

Frontman Alex Abnos says:

As thanks to anyone that plans to brave the cold/snow and come out to the Tut Tut/Continents show at the Record Bar tonight, Tut Tut will be giving away free copies of our albums to anyone in attendance that wants ’em.

And just to be clear, these are not “burned CD-R in a slim case” albums. I’m talking jewel cases, digipaks, artwork, shrinkwrap, the works. For free.

For the record, those albums are are 2005’s Sell Your Ideas, They Are Totally Acceptable and 2008’s The Heart Goes Nine.

Also on the show are Continents, Mary Fortune, and Holy Mountain.

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