Free Sampler Downloads From Epitaph and Fearless

We’re all about hooking you up with free tunes this week, huh? Once summer hits, all the record labels want you pumping their jams through the car stereo, the front porch, and the beach, so they offer up a slew of sampler downloads. For the most part, these sampler comps take the place of the CDs you used to grab off the counter of your local record store. They’re cheaper for the labels, better for the environment, and and you the listener can just delete what you don’t like.

Take heed that most of the songs available on these comps from Epitaph and Fearless are either from recent or upcoming releases, and it’s not like they’re offering up anything that you won’t be able to easily get later. Still, if you know you like a label, it’s a safe way to check out everything they’ve got coming out in the next several months.

As an added bonus, Epitaph is offering up a video download sampler, so you can throw that stuff on your iPod and rock some visual newness. Those Epitaph MP3 and video samplers are over at Hurley’s Warped Tour page, and feature new stuff from Rancid, Set Your Goals, Every Time I Die, New Found Glory, and Frank Turner.

You can grab the Fearless Records sampler at this link (it’s a direct download). It’s a much shorter affair, offering up just seven tracks from the likes of Breathe Carolina and A Skylit Drive. It’s way, way, way poppy. Be forewarned. Your younger sibling (or child) who is fond of the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers might be more interested than anyone like yourself who remembers when the label used to put out Aquabats records.

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