Free Movies

Pay no heed to those chlorine-crazed aquaphiles who insist that the best way to beat the heat is to fight the crowd and the blazing sun at your local swimming pool. And forget about paying full price to escape to the arctic refuge of the cinema, where the popcorn lobby has succeeded in passing rising food-production costs on to you. Instead, take advantage of the Free Summer Movies series at Legends 14 (1841 Village West Parkway in Kansas City, Kansas). Today at 10 a.m. the sprawling multiplex shows Open Season and Monster House, two animated solutions to your heat-induced doldrums. The former is the comical tale of a bear and a deer (the inimitable Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher, respectively) who team up to avoid hunters; the latter offers more paranormal fare in the form of a living edifice. Call 913-428-2990 for information.

Wed., July 2, 10 a.m., 2008