Frances, Gov. Laura Kelly’s cat, addresses her cat-stituents in The Pitch Questionnaire

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Frances, the First Cat of Kansas, being remarkably cute. // Courtesy Madison Andrus

Calling all cat-lovers, it’s time to talk about our fur-friends with *hypothetical* political power.

Frances, an adorable kitty belonging to Governor Laura Kelly (D-KS), has just blessed us with her hot take on being the First Cat of Kansas.

You’ve heard about presidential First Ladies, but what makes a gubernatorial First Cat?

In our opinion, pets often make more sane decisions than people tend to. Through a feline tell-all with The Pitch’s Questionnaire, Frances answers the questions constituents are definitely wanting to know.

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Topeka, KS

The Pitch: What is it like being Gov. Laura Kelly’s cat?

Frances: It’s great being the First Cat of Kansas. Everyone praises the ground I walk on–as it should be.

But it’s not all pets and catnip. I”m busy serving the cat-stituents of Kansas. Whether it be expanding cat-care, purr-ural development, or partnering with paw-enforcement to keep our communities safe, just like my mom I’m busy making Kansas a better place for our families.

When I’m not busy working for Kansans, I’m learning about Kansas’ important hiss-tory or meow-t on the town visiting my favorite spots.

Do you prefer to take naps in the sun or a cozy shaded spot?

Since the world revolves around me, I love being in the sun, and that’s where you can catch me napping. I spend a lot of my time sunbathing while my mom’s at work, but when she gets home my favorite spot is by her feet under the desk or relaxing with her on the couch.

Wet food or dry food?

Dry food… wait, wet food is an option?

Are you a cuddle bug or a lone wolf?

Like my mom, I’m an independent thinker and love to cuddle… but always on my own time–no one else’s. And typically, right before my parents are trying to go somewhere. Because I have to remind them that, hey, I’m calling the shots around here.

Did you vote for your mom in the 2018 KS gubernatorial election?

Of course, I would have if I could. Unfortunately, cats aren’t eligible to vote (yet). But I stump around the town to other cat-stituents touting my mom’s record, encouraging their owners to get to the polls.

Why did your mom name you Frances?

I’m named after both my mom and my grandmother. My mom’s confirmation name is Frances and my grandmother’s middle name is Frances, too. Better not spell my name with “I” or else the claws will come out.

Do you ever go to work with your mom? If so, does she let you sign bills?

Pens are hard to hold without thumbs. I’m more of a lay-around Cedar Crest, napping kind of cat. Someone’s got to hold down the fort while mom’s working.

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