Fox 4: Midtown Miscreant turns ‘Uncle’ Ed in to South Carolina sheriff’s office

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Local blogger/watchdog Midtown Miscreant’s “Uncle” Ed watch made Fox 4 last night. The Miscreant, also known as Mark Smith, has been keeping an eye on former children’s show host and sex offender Ed Muscare’s YouTube site. Muscare had been posting odd videos on the site — scratching his back with a toilet brush and letting a dog suckle on his stomach, singing “Pretty Woman” and more — and the videos were attracting the attention of a lot of kids. That didn’t sit well with Smith, who reported Muscare to YouTube and the Orangeburg County Sheriff in South Carolina.

The LiveJournal of a guy claiming to be Muscare’s biographer claims probation officers paid Muscare a visit but found nothing illegal on his computer. However, Fox 4’s Tess Koppelman learned that the probation department in South Carolina is still investigating Muscare. So this might not be the last bit of creepiness we hear from “Uncle” Ed.

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