FOX 4 KC report: Hey, maybe it’s OK to pour bleach down your kids’ throats

Not parody: Fox 4 KC has a real story that somehow has not yet been removed about One Local Mom who thinks drinking industrial bleach helps with her kids’ autism.

Far from being framed as a tragic story about a confused mother poisoning her children, this piece (headline: “Better thanks to bleach? Lenexa mom says chemical mix significantly improved son’s autism”) attempts to both-sides the issue, in effect putting this woman’s fringe, dangerous anti-vax beliefs on par with the scientific knowledge of medical professionals.

“The majority [of medical doctors] warn against this practice, but a handful agree with the protocol,” the report states. But the doctors who think drinking bleach is good are not named. Given the pathetic quality of the journalism in the rest of this piece, one has to wonder if those doctors even exist.

The responsible thing for FOX 4 to do would be to take this story down. It will be interesting to see if they do so.