Fourmation, Flosstradamus and Super Meego

As one forward-thinking dance music night departs, a new one comes in its footsteps — and at the same venue. On August 4, you can say goodbye to Fourmation (pictured) at the Hangout, which was quite possibly the first ever drum-‘n’-bass weekend residency in KC’s history. Beat lovers rest easy: The small band of locals trying to bring you new and fresh music from the big cities is still hard at work. Coming in for the Bleeding Kansas Pre-Party are two of Chicago’s up-and-coming dance acts, Flosstradamus (featured in URB and The Fader) and Super Meego. The former is known for thrashing Chicago clubs with ghetto-house and grimy remixes; the latter’s electro-pop sounds recall LCD Soundsystem. With both upstairs and downstairs at the Hangout in full effect, this is a rare opportunity to be surrounded by the kind of cutting-edge dance music that this city so lacks. And you wonder why everyone is moving to Seattle.

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