Four Inane Questions with 99.7 The Point’s Nikki Vivas

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Kansas City native Nikki Vivas calls herself a “designer diva with an old soul.” (She’ll gladly choose a good bottle of cabernet and a Frank Sinatra record on the turntable over clubbing any day, she adds.)

Currently, Nikki is the quippy co-host of 99.7’s whackadoo radio show, Ponch & Nikki in the Mornings. The 16-year radio veteran tells us 1) she’ll never turn down a brunch date and 2) she’ll gladly show off pictures of her furbaby Frankie Blu to anyone who asks.

We caught up with the media maven/emcee goddess right after her morning show was over to pepper her with our inane questions. She was wide awake. Uh, we were not.

The Pitch: Which are better—the Lesser Antilles or the Greater Antilles? Inquiring minds want to know.

Nikki Vivas: The Greater Antilles is bigger, and I usually prefer bigger things. But, in this case, I’m picking the Lesser Antilles. I’m Venezuelan and have family in Aruba, so you know I have to show some love! Plus, look at the island lineup in the Lesser Antilles—can we say paradise?

Even if you’re not a singer, what’s the best song to sing along to in your car—at full volume?

Listen, my singing voice may be awful, but I promise you when Heart’s “Alone” comes on, I turn into a rock goddess full of Aqua Net and regret! I’ll sing as loud as I can and have a full-on performance in my car. That’s my jammmmmmmmm.”  1 23

How high of a heel is too high of a heel—and why?

I always say the higher the heel, the closer to God. But, if you don’t know how to walk in heels, then let’s not be bold and grab the six-inchers, okay? Seriously. We don’t need you falling down in public. Just grab the slides—and keep it moving!

What is the world’s most offensive cologne and/or perfume? Go.

All my gals who grew up in the 90/00s, this is for you! Two words: cucumber melon. Good God—everyone and their mom wore that scent and now when I smell it, I want to die! It’s an immediate flashback to 6th grade when I thought bangs were a good idea. Barrrffff!

Bonus 5th Question: What’s a word you misspell … every. single. time.

Oh, this is an easy one. No matter what—without fail—I always spell definitely wrong. (Wait, did I just type that correctly?) I have no clue why. I mean, I can say the word. I know the word. But when it comes to spelling it, you can bet money I’ll mess it up!

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