Fountains of Wayne

Ah yes, Stacy’s mom. She’s got it going on. And on. And on. And on. It’s difficult to expect radio to do anything less than wring every last drop of life from a catchy ditty like the Fountains of Wayne MILF fantasy “Stacy’s Mom.” Despite the song’s infinite spins, though, I’m still driving and chirping cheerfully along with some kid’s desire to pork his friend’s mother. Largely unbeknownst to many on the “Stacy” bandwagon, the wily lads in Fountains have been serving up fizzy pop-rock for years, even earning an Oscar nomination for “That Thing You Do” from the Tom Hanks movie of the same name. The quartet is made up of former members of the Posies, Belltower and Three Men When Stood Side by Side Have a Wingspan of Over 12 Feet, which gets an A for effort in the band-name department. This show is free — an excellent price, even if you have to wedge into America’s Pub alongside the peroxide “Oh, muh gawd” crew.

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