Formally Punk

Girls love to feel special, so prom-planning site recommends singing songs or offering roses with those prom invitations. (Boys, how about a hair trim a week before the big day and a light splash of a favorite cologne?) The rules for this year’s Punk Rock Formal at the Jackpot Music Hall (943 Massachusetts in Lawrence, 785-832-1085) are a little different. First of all, bring food to share and all the friends you can find. And have $4 on hand if you’re under 21 ($2 if you’re older). Being supportive of brand-new local bands the Baby Boomers, Come Back Alone and Hot Grasshopper would be cool, too, because it will be their first show. Starchaser and Pass-A-Fist also perform at this all-ages throwdown. Last year’s Punk Rock Formal was at someone’s house, so this year, get down like the big kids but keep the fake IDs at home, OK? Doors open at 2 p.m.

Fri., June 4, 2 p.m., 2010