Following sex-abuse cases, diocese plans to comfort people using 4,000-year-old dead language

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The KC diocese is still looking for ways to stop public-relations

fallout from the recent child sex-abuse allegations, but so far they’re

done a poor job of it. Does Bishop Finn know how laughable, how

calculating it looks to promise to hire independent investigators

when he didn’t turn people over to the police for independent

investigation at the first warning they were abusing kids? Does

he have any idea of how disgusted people are that after all these years

and all these cases, the church still acts to protect priests first?

Probably not. Or maybe they know it’s too late to reach all

but the most devout, because it’s hard to think of anyone else who might

be touched by their plan to “promote unity” after the scandals with a

special Latin-language “Solemn High Mass.”

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