Folk Freaks

Let’s say you’re a quasi-legendary ’60s pop-music avant-gardist, and you get it in your head to write a song about sex with sailors. If you’re Lou Reed, you might come up with “Sister Ray,” the Velvet Underground’s 17-minute epic of white noise and transvestite nuns. But if you’re Steve Weber or Peter Stampfel, the founding folk-psych lunatics of the Holy Modal Rounders, the best you can do when your band births “Fucking Sailors in Chinatown” is prep yourself for more years of the same: madness, obscurity and sheets of acid the size of beach towels. As the funny new documentary Bound to Lose makes clear, the Rounders have cleaned up some since the ’60s. Now, it’s the freak folk that matters. Discover why tonight at 7:30 at the Screenland Theatre (1656 Washington), when Bound to Lose explores the Rounders’ unlikely survival and recent past. Expect ugliness, hilarity and — maybe — glory. Keep your feet on the ground and keep loving up the Navy!

Screenland Theater

Holy Modal Rounders

Mon., Aug. 27, 7:30 p.m.

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