Flier of the Week: Bastille Day at the Bourgeois Pig

This week’s flier is not for a concert. In fact, it’s not for an art show, performance peace, or any other such thing.

In point of fact, this week’s flier is for the Bourgeois Pig‘s Bastille Day celebration. The Pig is a noted Lawrence hangout, famous for the fact that the bar / cafe’s first art exhibition was a series of William Burroughs shotgun paintings.

Nowadays, the bar is famous for the fact that you can get good booze and good coffee (or combine the two) and its amazingly spacious front area wherein you can listen to conversations ranging from KU sports to Sartre vs. Camus.

It also recently birthed my favorite drink ever, the Lunch Break. The Lunch Break is two shots of cold press espresso in a pint glass with Boulevard Stout. It’s coffee! It’s beer! It’s the best way I know of to unwind after work, while still perking you up.

Anyhow, the Pig also hosts celebrations for holidays not usually observed in these United States, such as Cinco de Mayo, Fat Tuesday, and Bastille Day.

You can celebrate French independence at The Pig on July 14 from 5pm ’til you feel like leaving (as long as it’s before 2am). It’s a small place, and it’s rather a popular hangout and since there will be complimentary food and drink specials, you might wish to show up sooner rather than later.

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