Reality television is rigged. How else did our college rugby teammate fail to bag the latest star of The Bachelorette? It’s also mind-numbing. Why else is our dear mother incapable of speaking during Survivor? And it’s humiliating to the human race. How else to explain William Hung’s turn on American Idol? The only good thing the godforsaken craze has done for mankind was VH1’s Bands on the Run in 2001, the winners of which were the boozin’, brawlin’, caterwaulin’ boys in Flickerstick. The Dallas quintet’s barbecuing of also-rans Soulcracker and Harlow was reality TV’s finest hour. Of course, it also was Flickerstick’s lone flicker of national fame. That’s too bad, because the Stick is capable of standing on its own. Which is why — after releasing Welcoming Home The Astronauts on Sony/Epic (the prize for being the Band on the Run) — Flickerstick left the major to record its latest (Tarantula) for Dallas indie label Idol Records. Wait a second. Idol Records? It couldn’t be. Could it?

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