Flare Tha Rebel’s new Summer You, Summer Me EP hits the spot for fall

Flare Tha Rebel

Flare Tha Rebel released his new EP Summer You, Summer Me Oct. 29. // Courtesy of Flare Tha Rebel

Flare Tha Rebel’s Summer You, Summer Me officially dropped last Friday. The upbeat, groovy, hip-hop vibe is a great mix to counteract the gloomy months ahead. Based in Kansas City, his music is an engaging listen for locals, weaving midwestern easter eggs into his lyrics.

Flare’s involvement in Kansas City extends to his musical ties with local band Woodland Ave. The group of four solo artists met during their time at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and continues to create cross-genre jams for every listener. The Pitch’s profile of the group covers their journey.

Beginning with “Rosé All Day”, the album establishes itself as a fun and carefree approach to life and relationship. The Pitch talked in-depth with Flare Tha Rebel back in July for the music video debut. 

“F.L.Y. Too” describes the connection between individuals, channeling a certain “vibe” that matches each other. The song is an earworm, with a groovy rhythm and catchy hook that will quickly find itself on repeat in your brain. 

“More Than You Think” is the story of a woman who moves to LA and steals the heart of everyone around her. The chorus sings, “She’s more than you think, she’s the dreams when people sleep. She never needs a drink to let her mind speak. She’s beautiful, shining like a star no doubt.” 

The EP closes with “Playground,” in a celebration of the great experiences life has to offer. The funky bass driving the song captures the playfulness of his music and will make you want to get up and dance. 

Flare’s music is empowering alone, but the duality of his performance comes from the desire to inspire change in listeners. His songs are connected to the Art to Empower campaign, raising awareness for social justice initiatives and local nonprofits. The music video release party for “Rosé All Day” served as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assaults. 

You can find more information about his initiative on the artist website. His music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

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