If ever there was a perfect argument for not judging a band by its appearance, it’s the Fishsticks, four average-looking thirty-something guys who thrash their way through thirty-something-second songs like mohawked Reagan-era teens. Lyrics range from standard (“Down With Skool”) to bizarre (“Birdkiller,” “Hat Day”) and are delivered in haiku-like style (I love burritos/Bean and cheese/Guacamole and sour cream). The music is an insane blur, similar to early-era Black Flag and Gang Green but without even the minimal polish those groups added to the recording process. There are a few variations, such as brief jazzy interludes and bursts of garage rock, but for the most part Disko is a relentless sprint. Culled from a variety of mid-’90s singles and compilations, and capped with a convincing live cover of the Misfits’ “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?,” these tracks (31 in 16 minutes) represent the full fury of a band whose disdain for fancy equipment and lengthy songs doesn’t prevent it from becoming a cult favorite. — Andrew Miller

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