First person: Black Friday at City Hall

A dreadful budget outlook has forced the City of Kansas City, Missouri, to cut hundreds of jobs. Someone who works at City Hall provides this account of what happened on Friday.

It was ugly. People who have worked there a long time were laid off. The Capital Improvements Management Office lost 18 people.

The reports say they were managers and clerical workers, but the people I know about didn’t manage anyone or supervise anyone — they just are in the “administrative officer” category. One woman I know has been there over 20 years, others 10 to 15. I heard about one woman in the Finance Department whose husband works for the convention center. Both were laid off. THAT is immoral — they should have let one stay on. There’s no recognition of “seniority.”

They hired extra security. The people were just given letters to sign [saying] that they’d not sue in order to get any severance. I am very curious about how people were chosen — it seems too personal.

Another thing that troubles me is the way they do it. They make people get their coats and briefcases, and nothing else — all their personal stuff stays for someone else to box up. It’s so harsh. One day you are a valued employee, the next you are evicted and can’t be trusted to take your belongings.

I believe it could have been handled better. So much for Funk’s “families first” crap. Lots of deeply unhappy families tonight.

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