Filthy Jim


“Harder-than-hard-living band that’s no stranger to sleaze seeks bass player for all around mayhem, sex-, drug- and rock-and-roll-fueled anarchy. Interests must include Whiskey and Porn, no exceptions. Only serious applicants need apply and/or are expected to survive.” Filthy Jim might soon place a help-wanted ad along these lines as Troy Richardson, who is heading for a gig with Jumbo’s Killcrane, prepares for his final show with the trash-rock outfit. Those who have yet to fall victim to one of Filthy Jim’s booze-soaked shows would be well-advised to check out the band’s aforementioned debut full-length before trying to fill Richardson’s shoes. Ripping through twelve fuzz-heavy, riff-abusing, no-such-thing-as-too-loud numbers in 26 minutes, Whiskey and Porn is a morals-removal machine that’ll leave even the staunchest teetotaler craving another pull from the bottle with every new song.

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