Federation of Horsepower, Drop a Grand, the Dead Girls, and Scruffy and the Janitors are at the Riot Room this Saturday

Leave it to the Midwest Music Foundation to hand-pick some of the juiciest apples in the orchard. In an effort to raise funds for the MMF’s annual MidCoast Takeover, the nonprofit’s SXSW showcase, an all-star local lineup takes over the Riot Room this Saturday.

Local rock veterans Federation of Horsepower headline the evening, with the always entertaining – and always entertainingly dressed – Drop a Grand backing them up. Lawrence’s the Dead Girls – none of whom are girls, nor are they dead, by the way – further flesh out the bill. And if you haven’t yet experienced the heavy, booze-drenched blues-rock that is St. Joseph’s Scruffy and the Janitors, you’re missing out. 

Details here

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