Federal prosecutors allege racially motivated house torching in Independence

  • The feds say something similar to this was thrown at a black family’s house

A grand jury indictment issued at federal court in Kansas City details allegations of a nasty crime in Independence where a black family had its house set on fire by racist neighbors.

It’s a story from June 26, 2008, that, if true, summons memories of a much earlier and far less progressive time in this country’s civil rights attitude.

Victoria Cheek-Herrera, 33, is accused of drawing a swastika, coupled with the words “white power,” on the driveway of the house that Larry Davis and Stacey Little rented in Independence with their children.

Cheek-Herrera and an unnamed conspirator then got their hands on some gasoline from a juvenile and used it to make a Molotov cocktail. The indictment says they then tossed the bomb against the side of the residence, setting it on fire.

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