Fearsome cowskull truck terrorizes, enchants

Westside residents may already be familiar with this awesome sight, but it was only recently that we at The Pitch noticed it cruising down Southwest Boulevard.

Looking straight out of a Robert Rodriguez movie, this mightily ornamented truck belongs to the owners of Los Alamos Market y Cocina at 17th and Summit, our 2007 Best Mom and Pop winners. We spotted it parked outside the well-stocked cafe and convenience store while picking up Mardi Gras supplies (tequila and a sixer of Bud Light Lime) and were struck not just by how fiercely it comes off but also by the detailed craftsmanship — that faux-weathered white enamel, the squiggly “cracks” in the skull. It’s a work of art. But not one you’d want coming at you at 45 miles an hour.

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