FDA likely to authorize third vaccine shot for immunocompromised

Steven Cornfield Jwpnyzdgz78 Unsplash

Photo by Steven Cornfield

A third dose of the COVID vaccination is expected to be approved by the FDA for immunocompromised people as signs of waning immunity begin to rise.

The decision, should it be approved, is meant to help people with weakened immune systems the most since the vaccine is known to not work as well for the immunocompromised. Previously, the hope was that herd immunity would protect the immunocompromised, but low vaccination rates proved that unlikely.

It’s already anticipated by vaccine manufacturers that every vaccinated person will likely need a booster shot at some point and maybe even an annual dose, but White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci says that a booster shot will not be administered to the masses anytime soon. Right now, the focus remains solely on the immunocompromised.

“We don’t feel at this particular point that, apart from the immune-compromised, we don’t feel we need to give boosters right now,” Fauci says in an interview with CBS.

The Biden Administration is expected to lay out a COVID booster shot strategy to help the immunocompromised in September.

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