Fall Harvest

The City Market (Fifth Street and Walnut) will still sell fall produce when it changes over to winter hours this weekend. If you want a pumpkin, this is still the place to get it. The pumpkin supply is more varied than what you’ll find at a supermarket — vendors offer scary white pumpkins, which are ghastly when transformed into jack-o’-lanterns. But this month’s featured produce at the market isn’t pumpkin — it’s squash. When it comes to this particular member of the cucurbit family, size matters. “The larger yellow crookneck squash is an excellent squash for relish,” proclaims the City Market’s Web site. “Smaller yellow squash no more than 6 inches long are so tender, they can be eaten raw.”And for our friends in Douglas County, the Lawrence Farmers Market is open for another week. Located just east of Vermont between 10th and 11th streets, this market hosts vendors selling everything from baked goods to produce and crafts, Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as on Saturday mornings.— Gina Kaufmann


Hit the Streets

SAT 11/1

While the rest of the city sleeps off what is sure to be a monster Halloween hangover, hundreds of runners line up at 13th Street and Wyandotte at 7 a.m. Saturday for a different kind of punishment: the 2003 Humana River Crown Plaza Marathon. The name says it all: The 26.2-mile loop takes runners past the River Market and Crown Center on the way to the Plaza, with other downtown landmarks providing additional scenery. A half-marathon and a 5K race start at the same time for runners with more moderate ranges. For registration details, call 816-331-4286.— Michael Vennard

Boxing Shorties

SAT 11/1

If you’ve never seen two eight-year-old boxers going to town, you’ve never seen pure, unfiltered sports mania. The Whatsoever Boxing Club Silver Gloves Box Off is a smaller version of what the big boys do, only with boxers ranging from eight to twelve years old. These pint-sized pugilists pack a punch, and although it’s mostly fun, it’s also business — winners advance to the state championships. If the word amateur makes you sniff with disdain, then get a whiff of this: Muhammad Ali was one of the many boxers who began at the Golden Glove level. Boxers above the Silver Glove age who have a current passbook registration and validation number are also invited to compete at 1201 Ewing Avenue. When we say “don’t forget your cup,” we don’t mean the one that holds Gatorade. Fights start at 7 p.m. For information, call 816-231-0227.— Nadia Pflaum

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