Fake Problems Has Real Problems

Due to a death in the family of one of the band’s members, Fake Problems canceled the remainder of their tour with Ninja Gun. That means that this Friday’s Jackpot show, about which I was so jazzed, will not be happening. Ninja Gun’s not playing either.

The message from the band:

Friends –

We regret to announce, due to a death in the family, we are canceling all shows after July 11th – and resuming on August 2nd for the last few Alabama and Florida shows. This was an extremely tough call for us, as we’ve never canceled a tour in our history as a band. I’d like to extend a deep appreciation to all of the friends, fans, promoters and venues for their understanding. We are already brainstorming ideas to make up the shows we are missing out on.


Fake Problems

Suck suck suckity suck suck. There might be a bit of a silver lining, however, as the band’s Twitter feed now reads, “We made it home. Now back to writing the next record?”

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