Facing the Music

Feature: “The Underdogs ofSoutheast,” December 6</p>

Fact Check

Peter Rugg’s article refers to Southeast High School as a “charter” school. Charter schools in Missouri must have an approved charter document approved by a sponsoring institution and participate in a subsequent review by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education/State Board of Education to ensure compliance with the charter school law.

The African-Centered Education programs operated by the Kansas City, Missouri, School District do not meet this criteria. They are still buildings within the Kansas City, Missouri, School District, operated by the Kansas City, Missouri, School District and are governed by the board of the school district.

Jocelyn Strand, Director, A+ Schools/Charter Schools, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Jefferson City, Missouri

Feature: “Uneasy Riders,” November 8

Schwinn to Win

I read Carolyn Szczepanski’s story on bike and car accidents. While what she wrote is true, she should’ve gone further. The people in her story may have been careful, but bicyclists in general are a menace on the roads. They ride on the roads and slow traffic when convenient, but what happens when it’s not? When there is a red light or a stop sign, they suddenly go for the sidewalk. Then they proceed to the intersection and if they can make it through the intersection without stopping or before the light turns green, they go back in the roadway in front of the cars that waited for the stop light or stop sign.

Mark Hoffman, Urbandale, Iowa

Buckle Bunny, November 22


When Abigail Murphy found me via MySpace and asked to do the Femme Fatale Night with her, I was nervous, since I am new to the music scene and also a social-phobe. She told me to be on my best behavior, and I thought that was funny and sweet of her. I ignored the name of the event and just played.

Crystal K. Wiebe’s review struck me on many levels and did so because of what she wrote about the idea of women rocking being novel. That was brilliant and well-put. Though I am not a feminist (I’m actually very old-fashioned), I didn’t like the idea of appearing as if women were struggling or the thought of ever putting a wedge between men and women at all. Wiebe made it clear that it wasn’t about “who’s cradling the guitar” — I loved that. Music is just another way of trying to describe what’s happening in your soul and in the world. Still, somehow it always ends up turning into a game show. So I must give Wiebe credit. She cut right through all the bullshit.

Crystal, thank you for not reaming me, by the way! LOL! Everything is happening way too fast! Making it in The Pitch and on KRBZ 96.5 (the Buzz) is very surreal for a housewife and funeral director who lives over 50 miles away from the Hurricane or a Pitch stand.

Sarahjill Bricker, Freeman, Missouri

CD Review, November 29

Pom Pom Squad

In reference to the umpteenth time that Jason Harper has attempted to take Pomeroy down a peg:

You would think that a Kansas City band that has survived the music business for 10 years could get a little bit of love from its hometown weekly. You would think a band that is consistently the best-drawing local act could find some favor with a publication that has received 10 years of ad revenue from this band. You would think a Kansas City band that has sold more than 30,000 records independently, toured 40 states, traveled to 10 different countries, supported our troops on two USO tours and more than paid its dues could get an iota of respect from The Pitch.

You would think a local band being the only unsigned band on Sirius Hits One in its 12th week now, along with receiving 400 spins weekly on adult-contemporary and Top 40 radio, could find some favor with The Pitch. Sadly, no. Unfortunately, every time a Pomeroy CD is submitted for review, it gets ridiculed by Harper. The band never receives publicity in regard to live shows. The band is constantly ignored by The Pitch Music Awards. Pomeroy has continually been swept under the rug for 10 years and been publicly disrespected by your weekly over and over again.

I understand that one man’s opinion is just that, but I’m assuming that Harper has a personal problem with Pomeroy and the music. If this mindset were shared by the majority of your readers, then the band wouldn’t have survived for 10 years.

Chris Davis, Kansas City, Missouri

CD Review, November 29

Thought Process

I just wanted to thank Andrew Miller for his review of our album, Light a Lamp, Sweep the House. Thank you for your honest criticisms as well as your compli­ments. This is our first album review, so we are excited. We are excited to just have an article in The Pitch.

We have a show coming up, and we would love it if you came and experienced our album live. We are playing at the Mission Theatre on December 13 with the Noise FM, Fairwell Flight (from Pennsylvania) and From Quiet Arms.

Josh Armfield, Olathe