Experience and enjoy SpraySeeMO Mural Festival

Experience and enjoy SpraySeeMO Mural Festival.

Brazilian Street Artist Alex Senna’s Mural at Manny’s // Photo by Stuart Heidmann

The annual SpraySeeMo is back, and with even more artists, they are ready to spray-painted beautiful murals all across the city again. From September 23 to the 27th, artists from all over the city will show off their talents to the public. 

A big drive for this year’s event is artists wanting to capture the political unrest, global pandemic, and every other insane event that 2020 has brought us through their art. With this year being insane, SpraySeeMo wants onlookers to make sure to social distance when watching the murals being painted. 

Ssmo 2020 Flyer

In their press release, they really wanted to push the importance of social distancing at this event saying, “Safety is our number one concern, so if you are coming out to watch our artists’ work, please keep your distance and have your mask on at all times.  We hope you are as excited as we are!” 

This year the event is sponsored by local foolery. Local Foodery is a self-proclaimed ‘food truck entertainment venue’ that will host an extensive list of different types of food trucks in The Crossroads District for this year’s event.

In the past three years, over 100 murals have been made by this event, and they hope to make more brilliant art pieces. Make sure to get out there, be safe, and experience art being made.

For more information, be sure to check out their website, SpraySeeMO.com

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