Ex-Councilwoman Carol Coe wants curfew violators locked up in abandoned schools for the weekend

  • Carol Coe: Lock up curfew violators in abandoned schools.

Former City Councilwoman Carol Coe wants to lock up curfew violators in abandoned schools for the weekend. This is what she told KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney:

“Take some of these closed schools and use them for the weekend. Make the parents pick them up Monday morning,” Coe said. “Put some cots in there. Keep them all weekend. Then let them out Monday morning so they can go home. Then I’d fine the parents to pay for the upkeep, just like they do in jail.”

This is never going to happen. There’s far too much liability. Converting the schools into jails will be far too expensive. You cannot just throw some cots in the schools and lock the kids inside. Unless you want it to turn into Battle Royale. And that didn’t end well.

Meanwhile, the City Council is expected to debate whether to implement a citywide curfew for teens or one for the city’s entrainment districts. More to come.

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