Exclusive: Bethany Cosentino talks why she had to leave Brooklyn, how she is (and isn’t) like Lady Gaga, and more

We gave you the sneak peek a couple of days ago from our sister paper, The LA Weekly, and now here it is: Best Coast (read the whole thing here).

It’s a profile of rising star Bethany Cosentino that we’re sure is gonna challenge your preconceptions about her songs, her life and her sudden success (the NME recently named her the 4th coolest person in the music world and the number one new act of 2010).

Here are some highlights:

On being on the “cool” list: “I like myself,” Cosentino says, relaxing on her couch between legs of her ongoing tour and right after fielding a phone call from the Japanese press (Q: “What food inspires your music?” A: “I don’t know — salad?”).

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