Above all else, Trust: A Trip to the Center of My Head is a relationship album. (In fact, the cover of Everyday/Everynight’s second album is washed in the blue-and-yellow palette of the film 500 Days of Summer.)

The local band’s potential glimmered on its symphonic debut, Moon Phases, and here has fermented into something more arresting. One of Trust‘s best songs is an ode to another city. “Omaha,” a sprawling acoustic number that blossoms into a post-rock instrumental, nearly achieves the eerie glow of Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. Midway through Trust, the band takes a sharp swerve toward Cursive-like alt-rock as the relationship goes awry, and sometimes Everyday/Everynight indulges its concept too much: sneaking a dial tone into the end of one tune, packing too many short interludes between meatier tracks. But other artistic flourishes are right-on. The dissonant screeches heaped atop the reverb-drenched guitar ballad “Punch Drunk Love” give the album its first kick in the teeth.

With Trust, Everyday/Everynight inhabits a small but surprisingly diverse niche within sensitive, Saddle Creek-influenced indie. It’s sad-bastard music but it’s subtle, colorful and textured.

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