This Eudora is not what you think. This Eudora is not a quiet little gas-and-burgers pit stop off K-10. This Eudora is not home to the Black Lodge indie-rock laboratory. This Eudora is not a compilation of Get Up Kids B-sides. This Eudora is … uh … well. This Eudora is … um … none of the above. The jazzy funk (or is it funky jazz?) captured on No Coast by this Kansas City six-piece manages to snare jazz abandon without stoic pretentiousness and harness funk playfulness without cosmic freakouts. The resulting sound is upbeat and uproarious, the kind of music that may have provided the scatting soundtrack to freewheeling flappers in wonderfully sordid speak-easies back in this town’s hooch-swilling glory days. Or at least the kind of music that would be at home on the Swingers soundtrack. But Eudora also infuses No Coast with some rock emotion and Latin passion that give songs like “No Coast” a lilting, almost reggaelike bounce. Elsewhere, “Hardware Store Soundtrack” begins with propulsive beats that sound less like Music to Shop for Tack Hammers By and more like the background music for a Scooby-Doo chase sequence. The song then descends into a lazy jam session before (zoinks!) a blood-curdling scream sends Fred and Daphne sprinting for the Mystery Machine again. Eudora also throws a little pew-rattling gospel and sultry soul into “Jehova Jiva” before following shortly with the mellow, moody “Studio Fuck.” And that’s just four songs in the middle of the album, people. I don’t exactly know what this Eudora is. But whatever it is, this Eudora isn’t what you think. It’s better.

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