Entry Level

Citizen caned: We are supposed to be a nation of laws, and yet some would pick and choose which laws are to be obeyed — as it is with President Bush it is also with Maria Chappelle-Nadal (Backwash, May 18). She apparently believes that illegals should be immune from our immigration laws. She would like to see them get total amnesty instead of what the president has offered, which is pretty close to total amnesty.

Law-enforcement officials should be required to enforce the laws of the state of Missouri and those pertaining to illegal immigration. It is an affront to all the immigrants who have come here legally and gone through the process set up by the federal government. They have become American citizens and are proud of what they have accomplished. What they have accomplished should not be diminished by some politicians who would rather let the criminals stay here.

Floyd E. Jones
Hazlewood, Missouri

Bobbing Around

The Thill of it all: Regarding “This Week We Love …” (May 18): Holy shit!!! That was Bob Thill!!!

Dusty Feighner

Jazz Hands

Note this: The Pitch, a Kansas City “rag mag,” is trying to sabotage jazz in Kansas City. Jason Harper’s “Calling All Young Demons” (Wayward Son, May 11) is totally without truth and is merely his uneducated opinion. He says, “Kansas City’s jazz scene needs a shot in the arm. But judging by the age of most local jazz patrons — and half or more of the musicians — a jolt of adrenaline might trigger a heart attack. What jazz needs is fresh, young blood — an influx of teens and twentysomethings.”

Does he even know that teens and twentysomethings are turning to jazz in this community? There are plenty of new, young faces popping up every day, eager and excited about jazz in this community. The Jake Blanton Quartet is a band worth mentioning. They have all-original music and are all under 35 years old. The Sunday-evening jam at Y.J.’s Snack Bar will open your eyes. They are all young guys, with a lot of talent, coming together to make great music.

Mr. Harper also says, “There are not a lot of women in the jazz community, which has always shocked me. Who likes to play for a bunch of dudes?” Where does this guy go to listen to jazz? Plenty of women listen to and perform jazz in Kansas City. I enjoy performing for “dudes” and prefer dudes to “chicks” any day.

I am 43 years young, considered old by Mr. Harper, but 43 is the new 23, baby! Do your homework, Mr. Harper, before you go cutting down something you have no idea about. If you need a source, give me a call or pick up a JAM magazine. A real magazine.

Debbie Sweeney
Kansas City, Missouri

Jason Harper responds: Actually, Debbie, look again. It was John Brewer — not yours truly — who made the statement about the lack of women on the jazz scene.

Word Play

Spanish fly: I read Gustavo Arellano’s “Ask a Mexican!” and thought it was funny. But I have a few corrections for his definitions.

Baboso is a person who is slobbering or drooling — unfortunately, like a lot of retarded people do. Pendejo is a dummy, moron, dolt and/or a feeble-minded person.

Thank you. I will continue reading.

Roberto R. Lerma
Garden City, Kansas

The Mexican responds: Gracias for the love, Beto, but stop consulting your Spanish-English dictionary and pick up an actual Spanish dictionary, pendejo baboso. Done? See? I’m correcto.

Beaned: I read Gustavo Arellano’s bit, and man, coming from a fellow Mexican, he just made the “white” people think their superiority is where it should be.

The “America’s favorite beaners” comment is just wrong. I know he’s trying to stoop to a level to make his column comical, but to me, he’s just selling out.

It’s funny to me, some of the stuff he says, because I’m Mexican, but what do the “white” people think? Oh, there goes that stupid spic/beaner/wetback again. We have enough problems with stereotypes, let alone when “one” of us decides to play into the stereotypical game. I’m glad to see a Mexican decided to get an education and write for a local publication. Too bad that education couldn’t have gone to better use.

Here’s to you as I raise my tequila in my poncho and sombrero with my dirty, worn hands and clothes after working in the crop fields all day. Salud! Viva la raza, America’s favorite beaner.

Robert Gonzales
Grain Valley

Market Value

Flea the scene: Jen Chen recently went to the Flea Market, but she doesn’t even mention if she had a burger (Night Ranger, May 4). Surely she did. Or at least downed a pitcher and played a round of Ms. Pac-Man. I read the article and am not even sure she was drinking. It sounded like she was having a great time playing trivia, hanging out with others in a great KC establishment. What is the world coming to?

David Douglass
Kansas City, Missouri

Correction: Last week’s Summer Guide contained incorrect information about the Kansas City Pride Festival. The StreetBlast on Friday, June 2, takes place at 19th Street and Main. The festival is Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the south lawn of the Liberty Memorial. For more information, see www.kansascitygaypride.org.